Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds ; energetic whirlwinds of boundless energy.  People choose small dog breeds for many reasons.  They fit well into smaller homes and apartment living.  Small dog breeds are easy to take with you when traveling.  They love to curl up on your lap. Small dog breeds  work well for older people who may have neither the time nor the desire to struggle with larger dogs.

Small dog breeds include the tiny teacup dog breeds, the toy dog breeds and the miniature dog breeds.

The small dog breeds may be tiny in size but they more than make up for it in tenacity, bravery and endless supplies of affection.


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  1. Hi,
    I was referred to you, maybe you can help. I was asked to watch a dog for a few weeks while the owner was moving. I agreed, it is now almost 5 months now. The owners definitely moved and are no where to be found, I have tried. I already have 3 dogs that do not like her so we have to keep her in a kennel or in a separate room. I can not keep her and have been asking everywhere to help find her a home. We call her Lexi, she is a blonde /tan weenie dog. I do not know how old she is nor do I know of any shots. Unfortunately, I did not know she was pregnant at the time, I did find homes for her puppies but no luck for her. My husband is upset with the situation, so I am really at a loss now. I have asked to surrender her to my local shelter but they will not take her, I have emailed them pics for them to put on their website, but I do not see her on there. They told me since I agreed to watch her she is my responsibility now. My home is in an uproar, she and my dogs are stressed Please help! Thank you

    1. Hello Karen,
      I think you have reached the wrong website. We are not a rescue shelter. I believe the link you want is
      Best of luck in finding a home for your dog.

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