Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin Quick Facts:

* An Aristocratic of the Toy Dog Breeds

* Origins in China around 732; Came to Japan around the year 1000

* Dogs of Japanese Royaltyjapanese-chin

* Became popular around 1853 when the Japanese Chin was offered as a gift to Queen Victoria from Commodore Perry.

* First entered the Westminster Dog Show in 1877; one of the first toy dog breeds entered in the competition.

* Known as the Japanese Spaniel from 1877 – 1977.

* Lifespan – averages less than 10 years. You can contribute to your dog living his longest and healthiest life possible by feeding the best dog food, frequent exercise and regular Vet check-ups.

Japanese Chin Appearance:

* Distinctive Oriental expression with protruding eyes

* Body is as long as it is high

* Average weight is 4 – 11 lbs Height 7 – 11 inches

* Coat is white with colored patches, mostly black but can feature colors such as lemon, sable, brindle and orange. Coat is soft and feathered and has no odor.

Japanese Chin Temperament:

* Quiet, will bark only to alert the household

* Considered one of the best dog breeds for families

* Cat-like; can climb chain link fences, likes to rest on the backs of sofs and chairs and washes it’s face with it’s paws.

* Great companian, loving and loyal

* Bred to love and entertain, loves to be center of attention.

* Clean and obedient

Japanese Chin Potential Health Issues:

* Eye and respiratory problems

* Heat Prostration

Special Needs:

* Needs to be brushed daily

* Face around the eyes needs to be cleaned regularly because of moisture in the eyes.

* Need to take special care to avoid excess heat.

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