Stop Dogs From Eating Poop

How do you stop dogs from eating poop?  This is a question that has been asked by many dog lovers.  Does your dog’s big, sloppy kisses have an aroma similar to his farts?  Chances are, he’s a poop eater.  And, why is it that the biggest kissers seem to be the most avid poop lovers?

There are several types of dog poop eaters:

  • Dogs that eat their own poop
  • Dogs that eat other dog’s poop
  • Dogs that eat all poop

Why Do Dogs Eat Dog Poop?

  • Your dog could be gaining attention from eating poop.  If you yell at him, he may see that as attention and it reinforces the behavior.
  • Puppies may eat poop because they see their mothers doing it when she cleans them.  Sometimes this behavior is then carried on into adulthood.
  • Dogs may be imitating their owners when they see them cleaning up the poop in the yard.
  • Dogs sometimes eat the poop of other, more  dominant dogs in hopes of gaining some of that dominance themselves.
  • Dogs may either be not getting enough food or not getting enough nutrition in their food.
  • As much as we don’t understand the thought, some dogs may simply like the taste.

How To Stop Dogs From Eating Poop

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Learning how to stop dogs from eating poop will help in your journey to stop the bad habit.  A little perseverance and you can once again enjoy your dog’s big, sloppy. wet kisses.  Or, not!  But, at least the kisses will smell better.