signs your dog has allergies

7 Signs Your Dog Has Allergies Making Him Miserable

Signs your dog has allergies can be quite obvious if you are in tune with your dog.  While some signs your dog is allergic can be mistaken for ordinary dog behavior, others are unmistakable as a dog allergy symptom.

 Signs Your Dog Has Allergies

  • Sneezing – One or several sneezes are no big deal but repeated sneezing over a period of time, can indicate that your dog has allergies.
  • Itchy Ears – Often with allergies, dogs will dig at their ears or repeatedly shake their heads.
  • Red, Watery Eyes – When those soulful brown eyes become red and watery, it may indicate that your dog has allergies.
  • Itchy, Red or Irritated Skin –  All signs your dog has allergies.   This sometimes shows up around the ears or at the base of the tail.  Irritated skin at the base of the tail may be a symptom of a flea allergy.  Even if your dog does not appear to have fleas, there may still be a problem.  One flea in a sensitive dog can cause much irritation.  Several years ago, our Lab was continuously biting at the spot at the base of his tail.  It seemed to literally be driving him crazy.  We flea combed him and found no fleas.  So, we took him to his Veterinarian to see if there was another issue causing the itchiness.  Our Vet found no issues and flea combed him again, finding no fleas.  Several days later, we again flea combed him and found one lone flea.  Turns out, one tiny elusive flea was wreaking havoc with our poor dog.  Once the flea was removed to his afterlife, we treated the skin with a steroid cream and within a few days, our guy was back to his normal, only occasionally itchy self.
  • Paw Biting/Chewing – If your dog begins to bite or chew obsessively at his paw, it could be a sign your dog has allergies.
  • Diarrhea/Vomiting – Although these symptoms can be a sign of many problems, some serious, bouts of diarrhea or vomiting may also be a symptom of a food allergy in a dog.  Common food allergens are wheat, grains and even chicken.  Limited ingredient dog foods may be the answer.
  • Licking – Similar to biting and chewing, whenever a dog compulsively licks at an area, it may indicate he has an allergic reaction.

What Causes Dog Allergies

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