Dog Adoption – A Great Option

Consider dog adoption when bringing a new pet into your family.Shelters such as the ASPCA, Humane Society and local dog rescue groups are usually overflowing with dogs needing homes.

Mostly MuttsEach day an astronomical number of dogs are put to death in shelters. The vast majority of these animals are loving gentle creatures that would be a welcome addition to any family. In fact,dog-adoption many of them were once in a family that could not or did not choose to keep them.

We have become such a throwaway society and unfortunately that mentality has extended to these helpless living beings. Can you imagine going from being a member of a family, running and playing with your favorite kids, to being confined in a small cage, hoping for even the smallest acknowledgment from someone passing by? This is an all too familiar scenario played out in shelters daily.

Some shelters are truly wonderful. They are no-kill and do their best to provide plenty of food, water, shelter and love. But, even these shelters can only do so much. And, they cannot take the place of a loving forever family of one’s own. Many have limited resources, both financial and human. Please support these deserving groups with your donations of time and money as well as spreading the word about their good works.

The ASPCA, Humane Society of the United States and Best Friends are all wonderful examples on a national level. Dog adoption is a top priority. There are also many regional and local groups run by compassionate people that selflessly devote their time and resources to make life better for homeless and neglected animals.

Unfortunately,for every good shelter, there are many more undesirable ones. Many of these lack the funding and even the compassion to do better. Also, many are supported by local government funding and thus are restricted by guidelines which include the number of animals that can be housed at any one time. Without space, something has to

And that something is usually euthanasia – a term simply referring to being put to death. Sugarcoating it as ‘being put to sleep’, is simply that, sugarcoating. Some people deal with their guilt that way but plain and simple, it is killing a helpless creature often because they have become a bother. Euthanasia methods range from decompression chambers and gas to lethal injection. Even the injection, which is by far the most humane, is not without it’s cruelties. The dog is scared, alone and unloved in it’s last moments. A creature with so much capacity to love is not allowed that luxury in it’s final moments on earth.

If you are thinking of adopting, take a look at our dog adoption checklist, then visit your local shelter. There you will find an enormous selection of new best friends. Whether you decide on a small dog, medium dog, large dog or even one of the extra large dog breeds, you can find them through a dog rescue group. Give one of these wonderful shelter dogs a new chance at life and add a blessing to your family.