Got Dogs? You Need An Air Purifier for Dog Hair

Air Purifier for Dog Hair

 Wondering why you need an air purifier for dog hair? Well did you know that 15-30% of all Americans are allergic to dog hair. Dog hair allergies can be more severe than cat hair allergies, so using an air purifier can be a great help to those with allergies.

Because dogs secrete proteins that end up in their dander, urine and saliva, if you have a sensitive immune system to these proteins you will tend to suffer from dog allergies. These allergens end up on the carpet, clothing, couch, or anything a dog might come in contact with.

It’s not the dogs hair you are allergic to, it’s the dander and dust the hair holds. Not all dogs breeds produce the same dander so you can be allergic to one breed more than another. And as you know, pet dander can float thru the air which can then get into your lungs and eyes.

Symptoms of Dog Hair Allergies

There are many reasons one might have allergies and it can be hard to pinpoint what is causing your allergies, so make sure you always woman allergic to dogsconsult with a Dr. before taking medications.

Dog allergy symptoms can include but not limited to:

  • face, neck or chest rash
  • skin turning red after being licked by a dog
  • nose and eye swelling and itching
  • after dog exposure, couching, wheezing or shortness of breath
  • in those with asthma – a severe asthma attack can happen.


Do Air Purifiers Help with Pet Allergies?

Air purifiers for dog hair are about the best choice when it comes to getting a handle on all the dander and dust floating around your home. Aside from the dander your pets give off, dust and allergens comes from other places like furnaces, air conditioners, ceiling fans, clothing, clothes dryers, cooking, and having windows open.

Using things to filter the air like a HEPA (stands for high efficiency particulate air) air purifier will work by forcing air thru a fine mesh that then traps those harmful particles like the pet dander, dust, smoke, etc., and filter clean air back out.

Air purifiers come in many sizes and shapes so you can have one in each room, or install a huge unit to take care of your whole house.


How to Choose the Best Air Purifier for Pet Hair

Choosing an air purifier for pet hair can be a bit overwhelming with all the air purifiers out there on the market these days. You can literally spend as little as $20 or as much as $1000 or more. The styles vary so much, and it basically boils down to your exact needs.

Here is a list to give you some options when choosing your air purifier:

**One thing that I really like about the Bissell products is that every Bissell purchase helps save a pet. Bissell proudly supports Bissell Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.

Are All Air Purifiers the Same

Understanding what your needs are and why you might be on the hunt for an air purifier brings us to that question, Are All Air Purifiers the Same When it Comes to Pet Odor and Hair?

While the answer is a simple no, it might not seem so simple when you start looking at air purifiers. Let me break it down for you.

  1. The most effective at trapping airborne particles are the HEPA air purifiers. But, these do not remove or trap odors, gases or chemicals. Make sure the HEPA air purifier has some level of an activated carbon material that does absorb those.
  2. If it’s contamination in the air you are looking to remove then a carbon air filter helps with that. But, a carbon filter is less efficient at removing allergens and airborne particles.
  3. Using a UV technology filter system is good for killing viruses and bacteria, but not useful at removing airborne pollutants unless it has a HEPA and activated carbon filtration as well.
  4. Negative ion systems are basically no good for removing of airborne pollutants. They take the particles out of the air and transfer them to surrounding walls or solid surfaces instead of eliminating them. This means, those pollutants are still there and will fall to the ground or re-circulate in the air.
  5. The bottom of the list and one that is totally useless for any kind of pet dander or most common air pollutants is an Ozone filter. Most of the indoor environment chemicals take months or years to react to ozone which makes this option virtually ineffective.  And, this type of air purifier can be dangerous if you have pet birds.


There are many manufacturers of air purifiers but when looking for one for your home you want to make sure to read all the info.

  • What size room (sq. ft.) does it cover?
  • How often does it refresh (run it’s cycle)?
  • How loud/quiet is it?
  • Does it have auto settings or timers?
  • How many filters does it have?
  • How often do the filters need changing?
  • What is the cost of filters?
  • How easy is it to get parts and filters?
  • How big is the unit itself?


Make a few Changes in Addition to an Air Purifier for Dog Hair

There is no reason you should have to suffer just because you are a pet lover. Having dogs is one of life’s great joys and there are so many dogs needing loving home out there, that the more people with big hearts the better.

But, having a big heart might come with some challenges, like dealing with your allergies. If you can make a few small changes in your daily life of living with dogs, it will be better for you, and in turn you can be a happier dog parent.

  • Finding hypoallergenic dog breeds.
  • Weekly bathing and grooming of your dog with a pet friendly shampoo and conditioner that contains ingredients to help your allergies. Allerpet Dog Allergy Relief is a good one.
  • Training your dogs to stay in certain areas of the home. Maybe keeping them out of your bedroom and just allowed in the main area of your home.
  • Using HEPA purifiers to help reduce the dander and airborne allergens from your pets.
  • Washing your hands when you are done playing with your dogs and try to not touch your face while playing with your dogs.
  • Don’t let your dogs lick your hands or face.
  • Dust and Vacuum more often.
  • Wash bedding and any throw blankets or pillows on your furniture more often.

Choosing to be a pet parent is a big responsibility and one nobody should take lightly. If you feel you can’t handle all the pet hair and danger and possible allergies that might come with being a pet parent, and you have read over all the ways to help with that, consider the fact you might not be ready to take on the role of a pet parent.

Maybe you can donate time at a local shelter for a bit to see how you react to being around dogs and their dander. This will be a good indicator if you can invite a dog into your home to be a forever family member.

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